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Deciding if a solenoid is right for your application
Machine and process automation can range from the most basic on-off function to extremely complex sequencing. When the process involves linear or rotary motion, solenoids are among the best actuation devices in terms of size, cost, simplified installation and ease of use.
If your design includes linear or rotary operations, Our Technical department and Product managers can help you determine the best solenoid to meet your application design requirements. Below some solenoids's appl
Cable Cord for the worldwide - which choose?
When in Rome do as the Romans do. Every nation adopts its own connection systems making the world of electric cables much more complex than it seems.
The name of the cables is not random. All cables have that specific name that indicates their particular characteristics: Fire resistance; nature and shape of the conductor, materials, diameter and many others.
Untangling yourself from all these denominations and knowing the right plug for the country in which you se
EMI/RFI filter 3-Phase
The filters 3-Phase and 3-Phase+N are particularly suitable for the mechanical, automation and packaging sector.  
The continuous investment in research and development and the experience in the field of interference and noise mitigation allows us today to offer a wide range of products that can satisfy the most varied requirements based on the power devices and applications used.    
The 3-Ph EMI filters of the S5 series are approved VDE, UL and ENEC, and a
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