Fuses High Speed for E-mobility
The world of electric vehicles is increasingly expanding, from hybrid cars to charging towers or batteries.
The common fuses are not suitable for protection against overloads and short circuits of the components due to the high mechanical and thermal stress inside the cars.
For this reason we have introduced 4 new catalogs dedicated to the automotive and photovoltaic world in partnership with an important international fuse manufacturer.
New fuses are designed in
Rotary Positioner - Phi Drive COR-RS
The Rotary Actuators of the COR-RS line of Phi Drive incorporate a piezoelectric technology and flexure mechanisimes that allow to reach high performances with a high level of customizations.
The rotary tables of Phi Drive can reach nanometric and/or nanoradiant resolution and are suitable for applications requiring high precision such as: microscopy, semiconductor production, biotechnology, medical engineering and industrial automation.
Reaching sub
A production behind a fan - New ADDA official video 2019
Discover the world behind ADDA, production, research and development and quality. 
Watch the new official ADDA video   

Comestero Sistemi e Motomorphosis - TURN YOUR MIND ON, USE YOUR HANDS
Gruppo Comestero Sistemi also sponsors the Motomorphosis project born in 2009, under the project of Andrea Ducati, aimed at raising awareness and disseminating the topic of road safety education, safety and mobility in Italy.   
Artists, designers, manufacturers, institutions, students and companies have been invited to participate and support the dissemination of road culture, giving their contribution and participating in the creation of an auteur bike starting from a s
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